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Stage 8 : Beef Basin - Fable Valley

National Geographic
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Possible water source

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From Stanley Spring, the Beef Basin road heads south-west and then loops round to head in a westerly direction, before climbing uphill and north, to meet the well-signposted cut-off to the Fable Valley trailhead (S08P05).


The trailhead is reached after a half mile along a good dirt road. The good trail crosses a drainage after a quarter mile, where water may be available. The trail continues along an old cattle trail on a high bench, with high cliffs to the left, and huge drop-offs to the right. The canyon below us to the right, and evident up ahead, is Gypsum Canyon.


The walk along this section is very easy and pleasant, with the trail eventually slowly turning left, and dropping into a small drainage, in which there may be water flowing. The trail continues up and out of the gulley, before dropping gently into Fable Valley.


The walk through Fable Valley is very straightforward, and there may be running water close to the trail, originating from a good spring (S08P10). As we approach the side valley containing the spring, the tamarisk becomes much thicker, and a little bushwhacking may be necessary, although cattle seem to have created several pathways through. As you walk through the valley, look out for ancient ruins and rock art along the way.

Total Ascent
Total Descent
Min Elevation
Max Elevation
13.4 miles
Useful Locations

S07P30          N37° 57.556' W109° 53.082'       Stanley Spring

S08P05          N37° 57.746' W109° 57.045'       Fable Valley cut-off

S08P10          N37° 54.646' W109° 58.878'       Possible water

Elevation Profile
S08 Elev v1.png
Water Availability
S07P30          Spring
S08P10          Spring
Water/Food Cache

Beef Basin


Gypsum Canyon


Fable Valley


Fable Valley

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