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Stage 9 : Fable Valley - Trail Canyon

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Possible water source


Heading south-east from Fable Spring, there is a mossy hanging garden in one of the small side canyons to the east, so water my be available here (S09P05).


Exiting Fable Valley is via a steep, stony trail close to where a large side canyon to the west meets the main drainage (S09P10). Look out for old cattle gates and fences as you ascend the trail. At the top of the trail there is a tree-branch fenced corral.


A small dirt road can now be followed to meet the official southern trailhead of Fable Valley. A dirt road then heads east, through a rather nondescript area, for several miles. You should see a sign on the left (S09P15) for the Sweet Alice spring, if water is required.


Eventually, the Trail Canyon trailhead is reached, with information boards and a trail register (S09P20). The descent through Trail Canyon is delightful, with wonderful views to be had. The trail is steep and slippery in places, but is in generally very good condition. There are a couple of places where water may be found (S09P25, S09P30) The lower part of the canyon, once it flattens out, would make for very pleasant camping.

Total Ascent
Total Descent
Min Elevation
Max Elevation
14.9 miles
Useful Locations

S09P05          N37° 53.899' W109° 57.885'       Possible water

S09P10          N37° 53.276' W109° 58.023'       Exit route from Fable Valley

S09P15          N37° 51.613' W109° 55.500'       Cut-off for Sweet Alice Spring

S09P20          N37° 51.869' W109° 52.723'       Trail Canyon trailhead

S09P25          N37° 50.681' W109° 53.939'       Possible water

S09P30          N37° 50.367' W109° 54.519'       Possible water

Water Availability
S08P10          Spring
S09P05          Spring
S09P15          Spring
S09P25          Spring
S09P30          Spring
Water/Food Cache
Elevation Profile
S09 Elev v1.png

Ruin in Fable Valley


Fable Valley


Trail Canyon


Trail Canyon

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