Stage 13 : Bears Ears - Cedar Mesa

Possible water source


Upon reaching Hwy-295, which accesses Natural Bridges National Monument, we can follow this road ¾ miles to reach highway Utah-95. We are now at the northern edge of Cedar Mesa. There are 2 large information panels on the other side of the road, which detail the exploits of the Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers who travelled through this area in 1880. This is also the start of the Emigrant Trail (S13P05), part of their route, which winds its way through the pinyon and juniper woodland, for several interesting miles. The trail through the trees is marked by a series of wooden stakes. Look out for evidence of the pioneers progress through the woodland. Eventually we find ourselves on another highway, Utah-261 (S13P10).


The walk south along the highway is a chore, but after 3 miles we finally we reach Kane Gulch Ranger Station (S13P15), where there should be water available to purchase. In addition, the excellent volunteers who work there will be able to provide advice on water availability in our next destination: Owl Creek.

Total Ascent
Total Descent
Min Elevation
Max Elevation
11.3 miles
Useful Locations

S13P05          N37° 34.886' W109° 54.849'      Emigrant Trail

S13P10          N37° 34.105' W109° 53.343'      Utah-261

S13P15          N37° 31.466’ W109° 53.750’      Kane Gulch Ranger Station

Water Availability
Kane Gulch Ranger Station (to purchase)
Water/Food Cache
Elk Mountain Road
Elevation Profile

Grand Gulch and the Cedar Mesa Canyon Network

Emigrant Trail

Bear Ears


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