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Stage 2 : Kane Creek - Trough Springs

National Geographic
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Continuing south, we reach a junction with a sign indicating Hurrah Pass on the right. You should take the left fork. It is just after this point that the camping restriction appears to end. The dirt road crosses Kane Creek, and this would probably provide the easiest walking along Kane Springs Canyon. However, 500’ after the junction (S02P05) the preferred option is to head cross-country and walk directly south, following a variety of cow-trails and old jeep-trails. The going is fairly straightforward, across flattish terrain. Look out for a couple of old concrete structures in this area, which may have been used for irrigation purposes at some point. 


One of the reasons for avoiding the easier dirt road option mentioned is that we would eventually have to leave it after several miles to cross Kane Creek to reach Trough Springs Canyon. Unfortunately the creek bed is densely populated with tamarisk in this area, and attempting to find a way through to reach Trough Springs could be a difficult task.


Thus, by heading cross-country as suggested, it means avoiding the tamarisk obstacle. Even this option gets a little tricky, later on, as there are several small nasty earthen-walled drainages to descend and then re-ascend from, as one approaches the Trough Springs drainage. The cow-trails do seem to drag us lower towards Kane Creek, but generally it seems preferable to try to stay on the higher benches as much as possible.


Any difficulties encountered in reaching Trough Springs will quickly be forgotten upon reaching this beautiful canyon (S02P10), with a lovely flowing stream and several groves of cottonwood trees about a half-mile upstream. You’ll be spoilt for choice in selecting a camping spot, if you choose to spend the night here.

Note: To exit the canyon and reach Hatch Point, the main drainage should not be followed. Using the final photo below as reference, the escape route to take is via the slope, to the right of the large sandstone pinnacle.

Total Ascent
Total Descent
Min Elevation
Max Elevation
6.2 miles

Possible water source

Useful Locations

S02P05          N38° 27.942’ W109° 35.934’     Leave Kane Creek Road

S02P10          N38° 25.771’ W109° 33.945’     Trough Springs Canyon

Elevation Profile
S02 Elev v1.png
Water Availability
S02P10          Spring
Water/Food Cache
Kane Creek Road
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